Which one is the best for Worldlink or Vianet internet?

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Which one is the best for Worldlink or Vianet internet

Worldlink vs Vianet which is the better internet?

Both Worldlink and Vianet are leading ISP in Nepal, but the question is, which is the better internet in comparison? So, don’t worry, this article will completely clear your doubts about Worldlink and Vianet internet. After the discussions, one more question is here, which is the best ISP in Nepal. At the end of this article, these kinds of stuff would be clear your doubts about Worldlink and Vianet internet, which one should you choose internet package Worldlink or vianet?

Yes, we can easily see, there are more than 10 FTTH broadband internet service providers in Nepal, but our first priority is internet speed. So be aware while you are choosing any broadband internet connection for house, office or any institutes, because there are some very worst local broadband FTTH service providers in Nepal.

One more truth, “Unlimited” this thing never exists over the internet, because every ISP has FUP (FAIR USES POLICY) restrictions, but they hide from all users. Even they never display FUP on their Advertisement promotion, so get updated with FAIR USES POLICY. FUP Policy is a critical factor in internet speed if you’re a heavy data user.


Worldlink or Vianet?

Which is the better for internet speed, Security, and pricing?

1) Speed
2) FUP (Fair Uses Policy)
3) Security
4) Compensation
5) Conclusion

We will understand it by the diagram.

Details of Worldlink internet

Speed: 3.5 Star
Security: 4 star
Net TV Service: Yes
24/7 Support: Yes
FUP: Yes
Ping Time: low
IPv6: Yes
Speed Booster: No

Details of Vianet internet/worldlink or vianet internet packges

Speed: 4 Star
Security: 4 Star
Net TV Service: Yes
24/7 Support: Yes
FUP: Yes
Ping Time: Very Low
IPv6: No
Speed Booster: Yes

1) Speed

Only speed is the first priority for any internet users. We know, there are many lending and local FTTH SIPs are available in Nepal. worldlink and vianet both are the best in the speed sector. So I always suggest going with Vianet and Worldlink internet. In some cases, Vianet is the best better the Worldlink network. Like, Vianet provides some features like ultra boost internet service, but Worldlink network is not, but remember one thing, keep FUP in mind also. Because just by activating ultra boost you can increase your internet speed to a certain limit, but the Fair Uses Policy will apply.

If you are such a heavy internet user, and you need a very high-speed data internet connection with minimum latency, then freely go for Vianet network. Otherwise, you can choose either Vianet network or Worldlink network.

2) Security

Security is a big thing, be it human or internet. 90% of human work is settled on the Internet today. So privacy/Security is the biggest thing, some interest users blindly use the internet without any care for security. everyone wants the best internet speed with security. If you need a better speed with premium security, then both network Worldlink network and Vianet network have premium security.

3) Fair Uses Policy (FUP)

What is FUP?
Fair Uses Policy, each network company has its own FUP Policy.
If any ISP company introduces itself that it has an “unlimited” data plan, then don’t confuse, because the “unlimited” word never exists in the internet world of Nepal. Both Vianet and Worldlink are having some FUP policies.

4) Compensation

If your network internet service interrupted in nowadays due to any reason, then both companies provide compensation against network internet interruption.

Some of my specific opinion on Worldlink internet and Vianet internet.

Firstly, I think for worldlink internet to use for home or personal uses. Worldlink internet is a very fast internet service provider from Nepal. Worldlink internet has a large customer portfolio. So I think worldlink internet service is the best interest service in Nepal. Vianet is also providing a good internet service. So Worldlink is the best ISP in Nepal. Worldlink internet is the fastest internet in Nepal. People also search Worldlink internet package, Worldlink internet price, which is the better internet worldlink ISP or vianet ISP.


If you are looking for som3 other premium alternates of Worldlink and Vianet, then go for Broadlink and ClassicTech, remember Subisu is the last alternative option.

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