What to do to Make a Good Personality

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If you think people never change then this might come as a surprise to you that your attitude varies with the last favorite characters of the movie/TV show you really connected with. Change is inevitable and changing your personality is not a child’s play but not skilled work either. We can change ourselves more than we think. And the fact that you are here means that you are definitely here to ameliorate yourself.

It has been proven that the individuality of someone stays forever. In 1890, William James, the famous Harvard psychologist, wrote in his influential work ‘The Principles of Psychology’, that personality was “set in plaster” by early adulthood. At some point, this can be true. But over time, that is likely to change. Right now we are looking for in-numerous ways to change personality. And I found this to be useful that there are two basic types of personality.

your personality radiates and shines brighter than your knowledge

1) Inner personality

2) outside personality

First of all, we are human and everyone has a name as their unique identity. But at the same time, there is another thing about man which makes him different from the group. Yes, I know what are you thinking right now. Yes, I’m talking about INNER PERSONALITY.

If you have a perfumed personality, you subconsciously tend to make others fragrant.

Ram Prajapati

I’m not shooting arrows in the air but this is what I feel. Today I am going to share a few tips with you regarding your personality and nature which will help you a lot in life. Hope you are as excited as much as I want to share with you.

1) Be kind to yourself

Yes, First of all, I am asking you to be kind and this kindness should never change with any given situation, humans, animals, nature. Kindness is the type of attractiveness which costs you nothing but has heavy profits in the long run, if being kind could make you a better person if it could make your personality shine and increase tenfold at no cost that the win-win situation you should be looking for.

2) Always be motivated

Yes, if there is one another thing that can be a boost or an obstacle, it’s the motivation. A man should always try to be motivated to pursue his goals. It is the adaption of any problems and gets motivated by it which makes a person successful. It will be a little difficult but we can learn from our mistakes and motivate yourself.

3) Believe in yourself

It is very important to be confident in yourself to have a good personality. We may come across various circumstances that are new to us but we just have to believe in ourself and with a little bit of motivation just do it, This is coming from my experience, and trust me this will work like wonders.

4. Be a better Communicator

Yes, the way you communicate portrays your personality. You should be using language with precision, use it after you get proper knowledge of it because incomplete knowledge shows your irregularity, and everything matters and impacts the way people think about you and you don’t want to put a bad impression on someones.

5) Give your 100 % in whatever you do

Yes, only then will you be able to create an effective personality when you do what you do and give it your 100% no matter how small the work is being vehement about it can ameliorate your chances of being better at it. All I want to say here is if you do anything do it with full devotion.

6) Put the face of a lion in front of a bad situation

Never get frustrated in a bad situation. There is no need to be afraid of it, fight with it, and that too till the last breath. I go with this confidence, we will be able to overcome any trouble Because if the other person is facing the same problem they can solve it by “just being a lion”.

7) Meet new people

Meet new people, especially those who have nothing in common with you. Because if you meet them, you will get to know about their struggle, their experience, and their culture which can be completely different from yours. It can teach you a lot about the world too and heavily impact your personality.

8) Say thank you after taking help

If you get help from someone, thank them. that will put a smile on their face and they will surely think highly of you and that will indirectly attract them.


If you want to improve your personality, then, first of all, you should stop comparing it with other people. You will not become a confidant until you stop doing comparing. And you will not be able to become confident, then you will not be able to do anything by becoming special. This thing does not leave any positive effect on any human being.

According to doctor Arn, We give more importance to something that we do not have, or else another person is doing well but we should pay more attention to what we can do in a better way and which we can give justification too much.

I am telling you here that you should not compare yourself with anyone else, because there is everyone have a special human being in the world.
something is special in themself, we just have to bring out our talent.

10) Remember your body language is also affects your personality.

You see your body language. Because if you want an effective personality, then you also have to know about your body language. When you are talking with a person, then you know from your body language, how confident you are with this matter. When you are talking to someone, try to move like that because we can’t do anything just by holding hands in the pocket.


I want you to improve yourself by following these tips. It might seem a little absurd at first, but trust me this will lead you to higher ground in life and make you a better personality among your peers.

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