5 things to do when you first meet someone, if you want them to remember you forever.

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5 things to do when you first meet someone if you want them to remember you forever.

In such a fast-moving life, does anyone know how many humans we meet every day? Probably very few people know about it. Because it is a normal situation and not everyone is so affected by it. But we can definitely do that if we meet a person once, then he should remember you. And that too forever. you will ask me how? Yes, it is possible if you are meeting someone for the first time, and you want to leave a good and deep impression on it. So, today I am telling you some tips on how it is possible. (What things to do when you first meet someone if you want them to remember you forever.)

Come, today we first talk about the younger generation and talk about it and how are they treat someone.

How to treat today’s young generation to an unknown person. I am not talking about 100% of the people here, but I am talking about the type of people more than everyone.
I would like to understand this with one of my experiences.

‌One day I was coming home to Solage, just outside of Solange, and our bus stop is near our Solge. I was waiting for half an hour from the back of my bus, but it had not come yet, though it used to come every day today she was a little late in coming.

Then an elderly man asked a question to the girl standing at the side with great humility, And the girl speaks angrily and you can not see on the board? He again asked me very politely not to bring me in glasses, can you tell me this will be said? The girl said while raising her face, Laldarwaja (Place of Ahmedabad in India) is the last stop and will not go beyond. (After that everyone got on the bus)

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The elder then asked the girl how much time will it take to reach there?
This time the girl also got into a different replay, thinking how did this happen?
The girl smiled at him and said, “ Not many 5 minutes ”.
The girl told him that I asked you one thing?
The Elderly said, yes, I asked you so many questions. so you can ask me at least once.

I talked to you in such a dirty way, yet why didn’t you leave your humility? You could also do with me what I did but why you didn’t.
The elder said, if my daughter was talking in the same way in which you did, then how could I leave a positive impression on you?
There is nothing more for me than my humility, and you see, today with humility I won one more heart.

Even such a unique experience will never forget that girl.

What I talked about here is that we meet some unknown person, so how can he remember it forever!

keep smiling on your face :

Every person likes a smiling face, and he can easily keep a human face too. It tells you that you are happy in your life, you are in a good mood and you are happy to meet them. Your signed face means a lot when you are meeting an unknown person for the first time, then put a smile on your face and then talk, So that you can leave a positive impression on the heart of that person.

In the conversation use their name :

The biggest thing in Conversions is that when you talk to someone, then talk to him by taking his name in it. By doing this, his faith becomes stronger towards you. By strengthening your confidence in them, they become more friendly to you and it becomes their good experience, meeting someone. Which he always remembers.

Show your interest in their stories :

If someone is talking to us or if we are talking to them, then they should make them feel that you have an interest in their talk. When the person in front feels that you have an interest in their talk, then he will talk more friendly. Often doing so builds the trust of both human beings.

appreciate their positive things :

There any bad situation in front of us, but we have to talk about it only in positive ways, I will tell how. If you are drinking tea and the tea is cold. Then we should not say that tea is cold. Rather we should say that hot tea tastes good. Put your positive perspective in front of him, so that the environment remains positive. Which you guys are talking about, if he has achieved anything, or there is a matter of praise, then definitely praise him.

Use proper body language :

When you are talking to someone, then most of the time you have to put on your body language, because you have done everything right but you shake your hands more in body language. So all of that does not matter to you. So we have to present our body language in the true sense. present himself like one Confidential Personality in front of him, and more people of life are affected by seeing one’s confidence level. And this thing leaves a picture in his mind that he rarely forgets.

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