NASA Says Spirulina is a Superfood

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You must have heard that the turtle living in water and it lives around 400 years, and its dose is blue-green algae. (NASA Says Spirulina is a Superfood)

Spirulina is a blue-green alga. This is a plant that grows in water, which can also be called a water plant. It is cultivated in saltwater. Then it is also done in a big freshwater lake. This is a type of bacteria that is produced, it is a Cyanobacteria, which is called blue-green algae and it can form a blue-green pigment. Spirulina is a space Orthospira. There are two types of spaces. Orthospira Plants and Maxima.

Spirulina is the only most used supplement in the form of food supplements in current times. Currently, it has become very popular in the world, but it first came in the market in 1970. After that, it became more famous. Currently, Spirulina is being used in many things, Scientific is also purified that Spirulina is a superfood supplement.

It is taken for dieting, protein, vitamins, and iron because it is rich in iron, protein, vitamins.

spirulina health benefits :

Spirulina is very much profitable for this person who lacks blood.

Spirulina may also be used for high fever energy.

If a person has a high level of diabetes, he or she should also take spirulina, because spirulina maintains the level of diabetes.

Spirulina is considered an effective supplement to reduce weight. So people who have more weight and want to reduce it then they can take spirulina.

It is also very helpful in stress, anxiety, depression, a person who is suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety can take it to get out of it.

It also keeps stay away from the women with the problems occurring during the monthly period, it is a help for any woman who has Problems in her monthly periods.

You will be surprised to think, that spirulina is also taken in a benign danger like cancer and it has many benefits

For people whose immune system is poor or weak, spirulina is also very useful for strengthening their immune system.

People whose memory power is not good, they can use spirulina to increase their memory power. Spirulina is also called a memory-booster.

To increase exercise performance, we can take spirulina.

It is used to lower cholesterol levels.

We can take spirulina to heal the wound and to improve the digestive.

Spirulina reduces heart attack, maintains blood pressure levels.

Spirulina is also very helpful in HIV-AIDS and HIV related diseases.

Spirulina enhances the glowing of our skin, removes parsed dark circles, and creates healthy skin.

In hair problems, spirulina is no less than a boon, it eradicates problems of hair fall, hair thinning problems.

It is also applied in the mouth to transform gum diseases.

Another way blue-green algae is used is to eat food coloring.

Types of spirulina :

There are two types of spirulina, one which is born in the natural environment and the other which is produced in an artificial way. Those who produce in an artificial way do not have so many side effects, but those born in the natural environment have more side effects. (NASA Says Spirulina is a Superfood)

Why does spirulina produced in the natural environment have more side effects?

Because those born in the natural environment, many types of Contaminants are found inside them. Contaminants that also contain bacteria, toxins also come, viruses also come, and especially heavy metals. Toxins have dangerous toxins, which are the Liver’s toxins and that is micro 16. It has been found in many research that micro 16 has been shown in spirulina. So it is not even that spirulina is 100% safe, it definitely has its benefits. (NASA Says Spirulina is a Superfood)

So let’s know what the research says about spirulina!

Blue-green algae is a very good source of protein, you must have heard this many times. Blue-Green Algae has 60% protein, but due to high protein sources, We cannot say that blue-green algae are the best protein source. Meat, milk, all of them are also one of the best sources of protein, and spirulina is 30 times more expensive than this.

Why does spirulina work, because it contains protein, vitamins, and iron is found in high amounts. There is no doubt that spirulina is a rich nutrition supplement, but it has some concern about food security.

Spirulina contains 60% protein, around 24% Carbohydrates, 8% fat, and only 5% water. Inside it, DHA, EPA, Omega Fatty Acids are also available, so it is a very good source, would be a very good antioxidant. But it does not have B12, the B12 found inside it is a Sudevitamin B12, which is not active in the human body. So if you’re a vegetarian, if you are taking spirulina then you will have a B12 deficiency.

Spirulina does not have safety concerns. But if spirulina is grown in a natural environment, then it can be easily contaminated, as we talked about earlier. If it is absolutely assured, then we can take it for a limited period. In simple dosage. 19 grams, you can take it safely on the day for 2 months, and 10 grams you can take it safely on the day for 6 months.

Under what circumstances should Spirulina not be used?

If you do not know about the company whose spirulina you are eating, whether it is safe or not, do not eat it at all.

stay safe for it. If you have an autoimmune disease, do not eat it at all, as it will hinder your immunity, so your autoimmune disease can become more dangerous.

If you are taking a blood-thinning medicine, if you have any bleeding disorder, then you should keep a distance from spirulina.

If you have phenylketonuria, you should not take spirulina, because there is an amino acid inside the spirulina called phenylalanine, which increases your discomfort.

You should consult your doctor for the dosage, what I have told is a normal dosage.

So I would like to tell you that I am going to tell you here some of the best companies spirulina, which is very safe and you can take it, The all spirulina capsules given below are high-quality capsules, which will help you to suck your right supplements.

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