Maharashtra’s Fort: History of Bhupalgad Fort, Banurgad

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Today we will talk about Bhupalgadh Fort.

History of Bhupalgad Fort:

Bhupalgarh Fort is a very old fort, which has many memories of India’s history. Bhupalgaf Fort is a witness to one of the fights in Mughals and Marathas. Once, the Mughal general assaulted the fort in 1679. Firangoji, Narsala. Sambhaji Maharaja joined Mughals in 1679.

Bhupalgarh was located in Hindavi Sima in Shivaji’s empire. From the documents, it has been found that Firangoji Narsalawas the Castellan of Bhupalgad Fort. The Mughal courtian went along with Sambhaji Maharaj to take possession of the Bhupalgad Fort. But did not fight with Firangoji because he is the prince of Hindavi Swarajya. And he fled to Panhalgarh to meet Shivji. There is a lot more history of Bhupalgarh Fort, which will probably make you unaware.

Some details of Bhupalgad Fort:

Name of the Fort: Bhupalgad

The Difficulty Level of the Bhupalgad
FortTrek: Easy

Height of the Fort: 2982 ft ( 909 meters)

Village/City/District/State/Country: Banur/Sangli/Khanpur/Maharashtra/India

Region: Nashik

Duration Time to reach the top/Normal Duration Time to reach the top

1 day

Best Time to visit the Bhupalgad Fort

Any time we can visit Bhupalgad Fort.

Water Availability:


Accommodation Availability:

No, the refuge is not available on the Bhupalgad Fort.

Some Places to visit on the Bhupalgad Fort.

Mahadev temple, Water tanks, and cisterns, Tomb of Bahirji Naik, Two secret doorways, and remains of the Fortifications walls.

The way from Mumbai to Bhupalgad Fort

Route of Mumbai to Bhupalgad Fort

Mumbai to Bhupalgad Fort by Road

Mumbai – Panvel – Khopoli – Dehu Road – Chinchwad – Pune – Narayanpur Phata – Shirwal – Khandala – Bhuinj – Wadhe – Satara – Umaraj – Karad – Vita – Khanapur – Palshi – Banur – Bhupalgad Fort.

Maharashtra, Mumbai to Bhupalgad Fort by Train

From Mumbai there are trains available to reach Karad, from Karad there are many buses available to reach Vita, and after then go khanapur. khanpur – Palshi – Banur.

Mumbai to Bhupalgad Fort by Bus

From Mumbai, there are State transport/ Volvo buses available. From Mumbai there are many buses available to karad, after then Vita, and then go Khanapur by local transport. Khanpur there is much transport available to palshi and after go Banur.

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