Kamandurg Fort – an ancient fort near Vasai Maharashtra’s Fort

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Today we will talk about Kamandurg Fort. Maybe Very few people know about it. If you have reached here, it means either you are planning to go to Kamandurag or you have an interest in history. So, without wasting time we should go to know about kamandurg fort. (Kamandurg Fort – an ancient fort near Vasai Maharashtra’s Fort)

History of Kamandurg Fort.

Type of the Kamandurg Fort: Kamandurg Fort is a hill fort.
Difficulty level of the Kamandurg Fort Trek Moderate to trek.
Height of the Kamandurg Fort: 2100 feet (640 meter)
Village/City/District/State/Country: Devkundi/Thane/Vasai/Maharashtra/India.

History of Kamandurg fort

There is very little mention of Kamandurag Fort. There are very few papers which are a symbol of Kamandurg fort. But Kamandurag Fort has been an important place from long ago, which we can see even today. A lot of water tanks have been found around this kamandurg fort, which was built at the time of the Maratha empire in 1739. When there was a fight in front of the Portuguese and Maratha Empire. It was then built by the Maratha Empire to take recourse to war. (Kamandurg Fort – an ancient fort near Vasai Maharashtra’s Fort)

At present, there is tree harvesting in the forests, which is decreasing its beauty. At the moment it is difficult to reach a hill of kamandurg fort, because many trees are ending. Some symbols of kamandurg fort. there is a small water tank and it’s in the west. kamandurg fort lives in Vasai.

If we talk about the sight of the fort of Kamandurag Fort, it is a unique image of natural beauty in itself. The small islands located there are further enhancing her beauty, if you say in the short, if you have not seen then you must see.

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Duration Time to reach the top

Around 1 day

Best time to bisit the kamandurg fort

Any time we can visit the kamandurg fort, but avoid the kamandurg fort during the rainy season as the way to the kamandurg fort is slippery.

Trak Type of Kamandurg Fort

A well marked trail that alternatives between rock patches and scree.

Height of kamandurg fort

2100 feet (640 meter)

Water Availablity

water is available only in pluvious season.

Food Availability

If you are going to visit Kamandrug, then you may have to face the problems of eating. Because there are no dhabas and hotels. You should take some heavy breakfast at Vasai station and yes, you should carry afternoon lunch also. If you missed breakfast and lunch then this is your big mistake. so please you must carry some food.

Things to be carried while you are going for Kamandurg Fort Trek

Insect Repellent Cream
Snacks to eat
Energy powder
Small Medical kit
Identity Proof
Good trekking shoes


No accommodation is available on the kamandurg fort

How to reach Kamandurg Fort Trek:

We have 3 options/ route

1) Mumbai to Kamnadurg Fort by Train

From Mumbai, there are many local trains available to Thane, and after Thane, there are many buses and auto available to Vasai station, and then you pick the bus or auto for Devkundi.

2) Mumbai to Kamnadurg Fort by Bus

From Mumbai there are many buses available to Vasai station, from Vasai station there are ST buses and auto available to Devkundi. That means there are many options available.

3) Mumbai to Kamnadurg Fort by Road

Route of Mumbai ro Kamandurg Fort

Mumbai – Kalyan – Thane – Vasai station – Devkundi – Kamandurg Fort.

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