How to Recharge Dish Home From eSewa

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How to Recharge Dish Home From eSewa

Every person in this digital world wants to be digital. So today I am going to tell you that how can you recharge your dish at home from eSewa. To recharge the dish you must have to have an eSewa account. You can easily do your dish recharge from eSewa. From mobile or laptop, I will clearly explain to you here step by step on it. Remember, you might have to install the eSewa application into your mobile device while you recharge from the eSewa application.

Step by step guidance for How to Recharge Dish Home From eSewa.

1) Your need to download the eSewa application, and open your eSewa application.

2) After download your eSewa application, you need to type your eSewa ID and Password.

3) You need to click on the login button.

4) then your page will be open, After then you see the option of TV paid option.

5) Click on that button then, After that you will see that there is also a different paid button.

6) Just click on the dish home top-up option to open or click it.

7) then type your cas, chip, and customer id.

8) After the process, another page will be open.

9) Scroll it a little down, and you can see their option “choose a package for recharge” press on the button and enter your mobile number.

10) Then you can click on the submit button and your pay will be successful on it.

The steps that I have shown you here, they are very simple and clear, so that any person can easily recharge a dish sitting at home. You can recharge the dish very easily using these steps. eSewa is a very good service provider, there is a good market for eSewa service in Nepal.

How can I activate my dish hone after recharge?

You can send text messages to 2500 in difficult situations and solve general problems yourself. Text message to 2500 can be used in difficult situations like taking Dish home Credit, Balance Inquiry, and Open DishHone if it doesn’t active even after recharge.

Just a explain in a proper way go step to you, it may be more informative and helpful in it.

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