How to Invest Money and get Rich

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If you learn to save me today, then you will save me tomorrow. I’m money. (How to Invest Money and Get Rich)

Hey friends, Money isn’t everything but money is a lot. Money mixes your tomorrow with your today. Money is there, only then you have a phone or laptop, and only then you are reading this blog. It can fulfill your dreams and the dreams of your loved ones. Money is such a tool that if you learn to invest in today, then tomorrow you will be golden. If you do not know how to invest it, you will have regret it. And the reason for writing my blog is that your tomorrow will golden. So I am going to make you how to invest money and how to multiply money. (How to Invest Money and Get Rich)

Power of compounding

Every successful person knows the compounding power. You must have heard that line, do not work for money but put money to work. When we think about investment, then our mind has got many ideas such as Gold, Property, Fd, Rd, Mutual Fund, Stock, etc. If we got a balance and moderate growth then these are the best options but if we want to bring our money into multiplication, then we have two options, which are stocks and mutual funds.

If you were a full-time freelancer, I would tell you both these ways, But we do not have much time, risk, expertise, and effort. So, we have an option to solve this problem and that is the mutual fund.

Now suppose you have 100 $ and you want to put it in the share market, but you do not know which side the stock will go, then it becomes risky. Here you will find 1 thing that is Mutual Fund Investments.

In this blog, I will tell you about Mutual Fund Investments, all the answers to questions related to your Mutual Fund Investments will be received. How to Invest in Mutual Funds? and some tips for Mutual Fund Investments. (How to Invest Money and Get Rich)

How to works Mutual fund?

Like we have 100 $, and we are thinking of investing, in the same way, there are many people who are thinking about investment. Where all these people invest, it is called Assets Management Company. Now, this Assets Management Company invests the money taken from us at different places. You do not have the tree I talked about earlier, but those people have time, rike, expertise, and effort. Now we will talk about how to find returns in Mutual Fund Investments?

How to get returns in Mutual Fund Investments?

Suppose you thought that you have to invest 100 $ every month. This is called a SIP. (Systematic Investment Plan) Now you get 100 $ every month, so how does that investment compounding. Let’s see. Mostly, the mutual fund company gives us 10 to 20% returns. The table below will help you understand.

Monthly investment : 100$
Time Period : 10 Years
Excepted annual return : 15%
Annual-Setup : 0
Total investment : 12,000$
The amount at the end of tenure: 27,800$

It is not that you will save 100 $ every month, Salary too will be increased as you go ahead and together with this your investment will also increase. Let’s understand by taking another table.

Monthly investment : 100$
Time Period : 10 Years
Excepted annual return : 15%
Annual-Setup : 50 $
Total investment : 39,000$
The amount at the end of tenure: 74,000$

I have just taken an example of 100 $, if you invest more then you can earn a lot. The more time you take, the more compounding particles will come, let’s understand with the table.

Monthly investment : 1000$
Time Period : 10 Years
Excepted annual return : 15%
Annual-Setup : 500$
Total investment : 3,90,000$
The amount at the end of tenure: 7,40,000 $

You see how compounding works. How investment is multiplied. And in thinking, if I take this process instead of 10 years in it, what I will get after 15 years? Let’s see. You started investing $ 1000 every month in 25 years of the new age. And after 15 years, you will be 40 years. Then you will get so much. Let’s Talk.

Monthly investment : 1000$
Time Period : 15 Years
Excepted annual return : 15%
Annual-Setup : 500$
Total investment : 8,10,000$
The amount at the end of tenure: 20,17,000 $

The sooner you start investing in mutual funds, the better benefit you will get, the more time your funds get, the more compounding works. Do as much investment as you can, because you are not going to get anything by spending. So you should get used to investing.

Benefits of Mutual fund investments.

1) Not required minimum Amount:

You can start with any amount (50$)

2) Liquidity:

Deposit/ Withdrawal at any time.

3) Flexibility :

If you want, you can also go with SIP, or you can also invest in time. You can suck what you prefer.

4) Better planning

You can plan Mutual Fund Investments for different Goals, which have long-term and short-term.

5) Tax savers

There are some stocks in it, in which you can save your tax by investing, in which there are some teams and conditions, we have to fulfill.

Just as RBI runs banks, insurance runs by IRD, like, SEBI (SECURITY AND EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA) runs mutual funds. This is a very safe investment. There is no loss in this, it is not that if the market falls in a bad way, then it also has an effect, but if you invest for a long time, So your chances of profit increased. So, friends, we should start our mutual fund investments as soon as possible and we should secure our future. (How to Invest Money and get Rich)

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