How to Become Everyone’s Favorite?

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If you regularly read my posts, then you will know that my questions take place at the starting of the blog but it is also here.

Who doesn’t want to be liked by everyone?

Every person wants to become someone’s favorite. Every person wants him should go anytime and the number of those who want him should not be reduced. Most of the people do not know that they should not have less number of fans, for which they should have quality.

Do you know, the hen pays attention to her child only when her children voice it. Now the voice that is a hen only recognizes it. In the same way, when a cat comes, hen attacks it without thinking anything.

It has been found in research that when the cat was taken in front of the hen, the hen attacked it without thinking anything.
And do this study for the second time also.
When the second study was done, the voice was done on the Remort Control Cat and the Voice of hen’s baby voice cassette was placed in the voice cat, You will be surprised to read that the hen did not attack the cat and the hen took that remote control cat to her children. (How to Become Everyone’s Favorite?)

Do you understand what I am pointing towards?

Which means that the voice that could not even feel the difference between the enemy and the children.

Now you will say Sir this was an animal, can humans do something like this?

Do not run forget to anything. Try to be worthy of it. People use to run for everyone will tell me well, praise me but it does not happen. If you become a good person and if you create that quality inside you then you will become the favorite of all the people.

Today our topic is how did we become the favorites of others?

I will give you some tips here that you will be able to instill a personality for yourself in others.


If a person does something good for you, then there is a desire in you that you also do something good for him.
I understand you with the example.
Suppose there is a festival, and the people around you have brought some gifts for you and you have nothing to give them. So you will start feeling very uncomfortable inside yourself because 1 mantle trigger has been activated inside. Which is called traceability. Now in those circumstances, you will give the gift of someone else, otherwise, then you will give them a new gift from the market. Going to his house you will say that we were so lost in things that we did not know. Here’s your gift. This is what reflects your mutual feeling towards others. Which is enough to make a person likable.

Commitment & consistency

We can see this mental figure everywhere. You will also see this mental figure in yourself. You feel the way you think, If you think how intelligent you are, then you know everything easily, if you think that you are very weak then you will spend the whole day as weak. This means that any Consistency we live with brings such improvement. If you want to apply this mental trigger to anyone, then I can also tell you how.

You assign a small task to a person. If he does this work then assign some other small work. He does your work 2 or 3 times by saying 1 time, which means you can also give him some big work, in that he will not mind you because it proves that the person wants to be consistent with his personality. If you will be a consultant with your principles and commitment, then a different impression will emerge and you will be able to make your wishes there too.

Social studies

When we see a person doing that work and we become inclined towards his work, then he is called social proof.
I meet with the example. When you are out for a walk and you are very hungry, but your phone is not working either. Then you see 2 restaurants. In which a lot of vehicles are parked in front of 1 restaurant and there is not a single one in front of the other, then without any thought you will go to eat food directly where so many cars stand. Because we think this would be good food. So this is called social study. When it comes to social proofs, they understand that they like what they liked. Thinking that humans will want more because it shows them equality.


A person does what he loves to do or he likes to do it. In the world, three types of people liked people more.
1 similar
2 praise
3 cooperate
During the study, 2 teams of MBA students were formed. The team was told that during sales, there is no need to talk about other things, just talk about business. And Team B was told that you do not have to talk about the business directly to any person, first make them equal to you. After them, you can tell them about the product. Team A’s sales results were just 54% and you would be shocked to know the results of Team B’s sales. Team B’s results were 91%.
So in the same way if you want someone to love you, then see the equality in them and you and then co-operate with each other.

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When a person meets for the first time, he neither knows you nor faces you, if it sees first, then it is on your uniform. The better uniform you have covered you, the more you will get authority. And people will consider you as a civil authority just as much. So you have to cover yourself with a uniform. (How to Become Everyone’s Favorite?)


You know that as much as there is a shortage of things, those people ask for it. Have you ever thought that why do people want diamonds more? There is too much beautiful stone in the world which is more beautiful than Diamond. But people want diamonds only because there is a shortage of diamonds. If you also want this trigger in your life, then do not go straight away. So that they also know that you are a succor resource. (How to Become Everyone’s Favorite?)

conclusion :

As I said before, if you want something, do not run away behind it, For this, make yourself capable of that, you will come to that thing yourself. See these 6 Ways, there will be no shortage of your fans.

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